Turbi-Float answers your requests for a high performance floating pump system where ease of installation, reliability, and low maintenance are required.



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Pumping water from surface water sources such as ponds, lakes, and lagoons can present unique challenges, which complicate or even prevent the installation of conventional pumping equipment.  If your application requires the flexibility of a floating pump with high efficiency and superior performance, the Turbi-Float System® is your proven Original Solution product choice.

The Turbi-Float® design incorporates efficient, high performance vertical lineshaft turbine bowls designed and developed for submerged impeller operation.  Self-priming and multi-stage capable, the vertical turbine bowl design has long been the industry standard for pumps in this class.  Your application’s hydraulics are matched exactly for optimum efficiency and lowest cost of operation.

Introduced in 1990, the Turbi-Float System® was immediately accepted by surface water pump users frustrated with inferior products.  Features that allowed ease of launch and recovery, with elimination of packing or mechanical seals were an immediate success, with several evolutionary additions since.    The line has expanded to include horsepowers though 150, flows to 3500 gpm, and heads to 350 ft.


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